MarketingDecember 8, 2021by Marketing-automationHow To Get Your Cloud Migration Strategy Right

What does operational visibility look like in a hybrid cloud environment? It's an end-to-end view of infrastructure performance across application workloads and microservices, wherever they reside, providing the intelligence needed to monitor and measure KPIs. Learn about the steps leaders are taking before, during, and after a migration.

Industry leaders are working hard to compete with digital upstarts that develop their business exclusively in the cloud. Business infrastructure has become more complex, and to keep up to date, companies are digitizing their operations—looking for agility and insights from data and analytics.

IT business partners must demonstrate the ROI of switching from “”owning”” to “renting” infrastructure. It’s now critical to monitor performance across different cloud frameworks with tools that collect and correlate data from every location. Leaders understand there is a before, during, and after migration strategy for making the switch successful.
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